Caspar McCloud Ministries | Atlanta Portrait Photographer {audreygracephoto}

It’s not everyday that you get to take pictures of a rock star. What a fun shoot with my father-in-law, Pastor Caspar McCloud. It was years ago that I saw him play at a concert; I never would have dreamed that his son would be my future husband. Funny how things work out! When we had our first “meet the parents” dinner, I couldn’t believe that this was Derek’s dad! If you ever get the chance to talk with Casper, he has the coolest English accent and is very intelligent. 2016-12-05_0034     Casper is the author of several books that you can find on Amazon. He is also a portrait artist, recording artist, composer, equestrian, and an ordained minister leading The Upper Room in Roswell, Georgia. He does it all! He is also an accomplished musician and has recorded and performed with friends including Phil Keaggy and Peter Furler and the Newsboys. How cool is that!!2016-12-05_0036 2016-12-05_0037 2016-12-05_0038 2016-12-05_00392016-12-07_0001I don’t know about you guys, but I think I have the coolest father-in-law. It’s amazing how God works and puts people into your life in the funnest ways! So excited to be apart of this rockstar family.


Liam {6 months old} | Atlanta Family Photographer {audreygracephoto}

I am such a fan of taking pictures in peoples homes! Something about it is so personal and inviting. To get a glimpse of your life and freeze it in time for you to remember it years later. I remember specific things about each house we lived in and each season we spent there. How cool it will be to look back on these and remember things like, “remember those wood floors where our baby took his first steps” or “the window light that would shine through the nursery in the morning”. These sweet little details we forget about but they easily become apart of us and our story. Loved capturing this special time for the Jackson as their baby turns 6 months old!2016-12-05_0019 2016-12-05_0020 2016-12-05_0021 2016-12-05_0022 2016-12-05_0023 2016-12-05_0024 2016-12-05_0025 2016-12-05_0026 2016-12-05_0027 2016-12-05_0028 2016-12-05_0029 2016-12-05_0030 2016-12-05_0031 2016-12-05_0032 2016-12-05_0033

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Southern Jewels | Styled Shoot At Foxhall Resort {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Wedding Photographer

It’s not everyday that you see a team of creatives come together and collaborate on a beautiful styled shoot. Earlier this year I was able to be apart of something beautiful and so creative! Working together with these Atlanta wedding professionals, we were able to capture new ideas, color palates and wedding trends we adore! Love these jewel tones and bold color choices. I think the design inspiration question for everyone was, “if you could showcase your dream wedding ideas, what would you do?”.  We all have amazing clients with great ideas, but deep inside there is that crazy idea that you’ve been dying to try. Everyones inspiration and creativity was through the roof! Such an amazing team! Take a look and be inspired.

audreygracephoto-202016-12-05_0004audreygracephoto-39audreygracephoto-402016-12-05_00032016-12-05_0012 2016-12-05_0008 2016-12-05_00102016-12-05_0013audreygracephoto-8 2016-12-05_00142016-12-05_0016 2016-12-05_0017 2016-12-05_0018
Planners: eMBee event design / /
Venue: Foxhall Resort & Sporting Club / /
Gown: White Magnolia Bridal / /
Suit: The Modern Gent / /
Models: Savannah and Austin Kilpatrick / /
Decor: Graceful Tables Linens / / and I Do Linens,
China: Vintage English Teacup / /
Flowers: Keiley Caldwell at Wildflower Fare /
Paperie: Stacey Holbrook Design / /
Hair and Makeup: Jennifer C. Nieman / /
Cake: Pastry Shells Signature Collection / /
Jewelry: Worthmore Jewelers / / and Nordstrom Rack /
Videographers: Jonathan and Kaye / /


Thank you to all of the amazing wedding vendors who made this styled shoot an amazing success! It was beautiful and such a joy to be a part of.

Wade & Rochelle | Engagement Session At The Goat Farm {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Wade & Rochelle are getting married! I’ve grown up with Wade and he is such a great guy! To see him find his lady is the sweetest thing. We had such a great time at their engagement session at The Goat Farm. What a fun place! It was the perfect setting for both of their personalities. We seriously could have taken pictures there all day! I am so excited for them and their upcoming wedding; can’t wait! DSC_1769 DSC_1783 DSC_1796 DSC_1814 DSC_1850 DSC_1865 DSC_1874 DSC_1925 DSC_1940 DSC_2016 DSC_2063 DSC_2074 DSC_2121 DSC_2173 DSC_2276

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Nolan & Kessia | Roswell Georgia Wedding Photographer {audreygracephoto}

Kessia and Nolan gathered their closest friends and family together for an intimate wedding ceremony in Roswell Georgia. It was beautiful! A lot of Kessia’s family was able to travel all the way from Brazil. You should always have a brazillian friend; they are a blast! Her family did all of the decorations and flowers themselves. It was gorgeous!
audreygracephoto-132audreygracephoto-139audreygracephoto-143 audreygracephoto-16audreygracephoto-35 audreygracephoto-32 Their ceremony was so sweet! This lovely couple officiated and translated everything so that all of the guest could understand. They did an amazing job! It was such a deeply meaningful ceremony.audreygracephoto-40 audreygracephoto-42 audreygracephoto-44 audreygracephoto-51 audreygracephoto-60 audreygracephoto-70 audreygracephoto-76 audreygracephoto-83 audreygracephoto-93 audreygracephoto-95 audreygracephoto-104 audreygracephoto-105 audreygracephoto-107 audreygracephoto-115audreygracephoto-1audreygracephoto-2 audreygracephoto-146 audreygracephoto-151 audreygracephoto-155 audreygracephoto-164 audreygracephoto-171 audreygracephoto-180 audreygracephoto-184 audreygracephoto-193 audreygracephoto-203 audreygracephoto-206It was such an honor to capture this amazing wedding celebration! Kessia and Nolan have the sweetest hearts for each other and for the Lord. They have truly blessed me with their friendship and kindness. So excited for them!

Ben & Bekah | Summer Family Portraits {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Time goes by so quickly! Only a few more weeks until baby Judah is here. So excited for my friends Ben & Bekah as their little family continues to grow. We captured some portraits for them before baby #2 arrives. We took these right before sunset; providing some beautiful light and making the greenery backgrounds pop!
DSC_6587 DSC_6597 DSC_6601 DSC_6611 DSC_6629 DSC_6639DSC_6649 DSC_6665

Jesse & Abbey | Woodland Session {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Wedding Photographer

What do you get when you combine the great outdoors with some artistic elements? This amazing photoshoot! Abbey and Jesse are the perfect combination of artistic and outdoorsy. Abbey has been helping me with some re-branding with my photography business and she mentioned that she and Jesse never really had a professional photo of them together. So, voila! Straight up looks like Urban Outfitters sponsored their photoshoot. Love it!

When Abby & Jesse first started “talking” they actually traded these books. One thing led to another and they are now official book traders. Cutest story ever!

And of course we had to try out some cool night-time photography and I think the results came out amazing!

Elijah | Senior 2016 {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Senior Photographer

It’s amazing how pictures can take you back in time. I never would have imagined that one day i’d be taking my brothers senior pictures! When I first had a camera and started learning more about photography, Elijah was always willing be be my “Guinea pig”. In college, I turned in a lot of photography assignments that included Elijah. My whole school was familiar with his face. It is incredible to see how pictures capture someone growing up and subtle changes that shape and mold a person into who they are today. Elijah is such a cool dude. He has mastered guitar and will play riffs that will make you think, “how did you come up with that!?”
397190_10150445783763391_2146825669_n 524271_10152018166690713_1184215572_n 10391043_10154297969680713_2540783447981322152_n 10891724_10155028779340713_1439045370297941861_nSo now he has graduated from highschool! Woohoo! On to the next adventure! And can I just say….as I have learned more about photography, I think he has also mastered the art of modeling for me, ha! DSC_4597DSC_4350 DSC_4368 DSC_4375 DSC_4399 DSC_4425 DSC_4455 DSC_4470 DSC_4477 DSC_4490 DSC_4514 DSC_4521 DSC_4552 DSC_4581 DSC_4594

Eric & Sarah | Westside Provisions Engagement Session {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Engagement sessions are so much fun! It’s a great way to test out what your wedding photography will be like (without the pressure of a wedding timeline). Kinda like wedding photography training wheels? Well, you get the idea.audreygracephoto-4So I was thrilled when Sarah & Eric were looking to do an engagement session before their wedding. They are both so down-to-earth and were so easy to photograph. audreygracephoto-9 audreygracephoto-15 audreygracephoto-20 audreygracephoto-27 And their brought Sarah’s dog! (which if you have seen my latest session this year….dogs seem to be the common thread). Love it! Westside provisions was the perfect location for this super sweet couple! audreygracephoto-33 audreygracephoto-37audreygracephoto-71 audreygracephoto-44 audreygracephoto-49 audreygracephoto-53 audreygracephoto-57
audreygracephoto-76 audreygracephoto-86 audreygracephoto-89 audreygracephoto-92 audreygracephoto-95Can’t wait for their wedding; only a few more weeks! The countdown begins!

Caleb | Newborn Session {audreygracephoto} Atlanta Photographer

Some of you may or may not know…..but for 3ish years I have been able to photograph thousands (yes, thousands) of newborn babies at the hospital! They are so sweet and little! It really has grown my photography knowledge and given me tons of newborn experience. Unfortunately, I can’t share those pictures with you guys. (hospital rules). So when I get the chance to photograph newborns for my own business, I am so excited to share them! Loved meeting the Jones family and photographing their boys.
audreygracephoto-3audreygracephoto-14 audreygracephoto-25 audreygracephoto-30 audreygracephoto-37 audreygracephoto-41 audreygracephoto-51 audreygracephoto-53 audreygracephoto-57 audreygracephoto-58 audreygracephoto-60 audreygracephoto-71 audreygracephoto-72 audreygracephoto-85
audreygracephoto-93 audreygracephoto-94